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Anal Fissure Surgery

Outpatient surgery with a 1-7 day recovery. Very effective surgery for an anal fissure when conservative therapy fails to give relief. Learn More.


Banding (Rubber Band Ligation)

A less-invasive alternative to traditional hemorrhoid surgery. Often referred to as rubber band ligation or hemorrhoid banding. Learn More.


Cancer (Anal, Colon, Rectal)

Cancers of the anal, colon, and rectal regions. Learn More.


Cologuard is a stool test that is used for screening for colon cancer. It examines cells shed from the colon that are in the stool. For any abnormal cells or blood found in the test it may indicate cancer or precancer tumors. Learn More.


During a colonoscopy, a slender flexible tube with a camera and light at its tip is gently inserted through the rectum and guided through the entire length of the colon to search for any sign of tumors, polyps, inflammation, or bleeding. Learn More.

Colorectal Surgeon

Formal term for a proctologist. Learn More.

Condyloma (Anal Warts)

Warts are an overgrowth of tissue caused by the Human Papilloma Virus (HPV). The virus lives in your cells and can either remain dormant or activate the cell to create warts. Learn More.

Conservative Therapy for Anal Fissure

Special compounding ointments and other conservative remedies used to heal the fissure. Learn More.


Excisional Hemorrhoidectomy

For the symptomatic or unsightly external hemorrhoids. In office procedure. 3 to 7 day recovery. Learn More.


Not only is an enema useless to cleanse the colon, there are risks to taking an enema including colon perforation. Learn More.


Fecal Disimpaction

Office based procedure to remove impacted (hard stool not able to pass through the anus) stool. Immediate relief once performed. If you haven’t had a bowel movement for days and feel a lot of rectal pressure or pain.

Fissure (Fissure-in-ano)

Anal fissures are small tears in the lining of the anus. Learn More.

Fistula (Fistula-in-ano)

An anal fistula is an infected tunnel between the skin and anus. Learn More.

Fistula Surgery

Outpatient procedure for anal fistulas. 3 to 7 day recovery. Learn More.



Doctor that focuses on conditions that affect the whole digestive system. This means they have the expertise to diagnose and treat conditions in the stomach, small intestine, colon, liver, and more. Learn More.



Maroon colored stool. Learn More.


Swollen veins that can occur internally and externally around the anus. Learn More.


IBS (irritable bowel syndrome)

Common condition with a combination of symptoms including belly pain and problems with bowel movements that is a lifelong problem which can be hard to manage. Learn More.



Black colored stool. Learn More.



When hemorrhoids become trapped outside the anus and the hemorrhoid tissue starts to die. Learn More.


Pilonidal Cysts

Abnormal skin growth located at the tailbone that contains hair and skin. Learn More.

Pilonidal Cyst Drainage & Surgery

Outpatient surgery to remove the pilonidal cyst. 3-7 day recovery to get back to work. Learn More.


Growths on the inner lining of the colon or rectum. Learn More.


Inflammation of the rectum. Learn More.


Surgeon who specializes in the diseases of the colon, rectum and anus. Proctologists are also known as Colorectal Surgeons. Learn More.

Pruritus Ani

Anal itching. Learn More.

Pseudoscientific Remedy

Remedy that is mistakenly regarded as being based on scientific method. Learn More.


Rectal Bleeding

Hemorrhage of the rectum or anus. Learn More.

Rectal Prolapse

Condition when the rectum slips out through the anal opening.



Painless in office hemorrhoid therapy. Learn More.

Service Areas

See the areas that Thousand Oaks Proctology services. Learn More.

Skin Tag

Common skin growth that can happen to anyone all over the body, including anal skin tags. Learn More.



When a painful anal lump occurs quickly, usually a clot of blood within the hemorrhoid. Will rupture and bleed. Learn More.