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Services offered by Dr. Rosenfeld

Proctologist (BUTT Doctor) Thousand Oaks California: Specializing in colonoscopy, thrombosed hemorrhoids, hemorrhoid treatment, hemorrhoid surgery, anal fissures, anal fistuals, anal pain, anal abscess, anal itching, and pilonidal cyst disease.


Diagnostic and surgical colonoscopy. Call for an appointment

Hemorrhoid Therapy

Painless in office hemorrhoid therapy (sclerotherapy and rubber band ligation). See Hemorrhoids for more info. Call for an appointment.

Excisional Hemorrhoid Surgery

For the symptomatic or unsightly external hemorrhoids. In office procedure. 3 to 7 day recovery. See Hemorrhoids for more info. Call for an appointment.

Fistula Surgery

Outpatient procedure for anal fistulas. 3 to 7 day recovery. See Fistula-in-ano for more info. Call for an appointment.

Conservative Therapy for Anal Fissure

After an office evaluation special compounding ointments and other conservative remedies used to heal the fissure. Call for an appointment.

Abscess Drainage

Office based procedure with a 1 to 3 day recovery. If you have a painful anal lump which is getting larger and more painful, call for an appointment.

Pilonidal Cyst Surgery

Outpatient surgery to remove the pilonidal cyst. 3-7 day recovery to get back to work. See Pilonidal Sinus Disease for more info. Call for an appointment.

Anal Fissure Surgery

Outpatient surgery with a one to 7 day recovery. Very effective surgery for an anal fissure when conservative therapy fails to give relief. See Fissure-in-ano for more info. Call for an appointment.

Wart Removal

Primarily an office based procedure. 3 to 7 day recovery. See Condyloma – Warts for more info. Call for an appointment.

Fecal Disimpaction

Office based procedure to remove impacted (hard stool not able to pass through the anus) stool. Immediate relief once performed. If you haven’t had a bowel movement for days and feel a lot of rectal pressure or pain, call for an appointment.

Colonoscopy Information Sheet

At this time you are due for a colon evaluation. The reason to evaluate the colon is to look for polyps (growths in the colon which can be pre-cancerous or non-precancerous), cancer, inflammation and other abnormalities. Without a colon evaluation there is a risk of developing colon cancer.

The two alternative to colonoscopy include a flexible sigmoidoscopy followed by a barium enema or a virtual colonsocopy. Virtual colonoscopy is neither the standard of care nor covered by insurance. Although the risks are smaller, these alternative exams are neither as good a colonoscopy, nor can diagnostic biopsies be performed. Just so you know I had my colonoscopy in October of 2009 so I know first-hand what you’re going through!