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How Sclerotherapy Can Relieve Hemorrhoid Discomfort

sclerotherapy hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids are a common condition that affects millions of people daily. Although they’re a common bodily function, it can have a significant impact on a person’s quality of life due to discomfort and pain. Whether they’re caused by lifestyle factors or other underlying conditions, the impact of hemorrhoids can affect multiple parts of a person’s […]

How to Manage a Pilonidal Dimple – Symptoms and Treatments

Pilonidal Dimple

Pilonidal dimples, also known as pits, are subtle indentations or small holes located just above the buttocks at the base of the spine. Despite their shallow nature, these dimples often go unnoticed and are sometimes mistaken for sacral dimples, which are generally harmless skin indentations without associated issues. It’s crucial to distinguish between the two, […]

Decoding the Price Tag: What You Need to Know About Colonoscopy Costs

Colonoscopy Costs

Colonoscopies are an important part of routine health care, as it is a lifesaving procedure by detecting and removing polyps that may be precancerous. However, due to insurance companies’ insane practice of keeping pricing non-transparent, colonoscopy costs remain a mystery, making some patients wary of having them, instead putting them off until it’s too late. […]

Your Comfort Matters: Understanding and Treating Anal Skin Tags

Anal Skin Tags

Skin tags are a common skin growth that can happen to anyone all over the body, including anal skin tags. They are usually found on the neck, armpit, groin, and anus. While skin tags usually do not cause problems and aren’t painful, many people want them removed due to cosmetic concerns and sensitivity. This is […]

Unlocking the Anal Fissure ICD-10 Code: A Patient’s Guide

Anal Fissure ICD 10 Bleeding

In the realm of healthcare, grappling with a health condition can be a daunting journey, exacerbated by the intricate medical terminology that often accompanies it. Particularly challenging is the ICD-10 system, a vital tool employed by healthcare professionals to code various medical conditions, including Anal Fissure ICD-10. Although patients may not frequently encounter ICD-10 codes […]

Colonoscopy vs. Cologuard: Which One Should You Choose?

Colonoscopy vs. Cologuard

When it comes to detecting colorectal cancer, there are two prominent tools that are used: the traditional colonoscopy vs. Cologuard, an at-home test that many have turned to in order to avoid a colonoscopy. Although both methods share the common goal of identifying irregularities in the colon, such as colon polyps, they each have advantages […]

Proctologist vs Gastroenterologist: Which Doctor is Right For You?

Proctologist vs Gastroenterologist

When it comes to your digestive health and issues, there are a few medical specialists you can turn to that play a vital part in treating and diagnosing conditions that affect the gastrointestinal system. The most common specialists you will come across are gastroenterologists and proctologists, also called colorectal surgeons. While both focus on the […]

Why Does IBS Cause Hemorrhoid Symptoms and How to Keep Them From Coming Back

hemorrhoids and ibs

Living with IBS can be a challenge; cramping with constipation, gas bloat and diarrhea can hinder your life and there are times when you don’t know what foods will trigger another attack and land you in the bathroom for hours.  Among the uncomfortable bloating and gas symptoms, you may also experience another condition alongside IBS: […]